2020 Church in Cerritos cross year prayer items

  1. That the testimony of Lord’s recovery can increase and spread to all the nations, that the prophecy regarding the spread of the gospel of the kingdom in Matthew 24:14 can be fulfilled and bring in the end of this age.
  2. Brother Watchman Nee and Witness Lee’s ministry can spread through various channels to all the earth, that seekers who speak different languages can be gained, saints can be perfected in their growth in life, for the producing of the new man and the preparation of the bride and prepare for His coming.
  3. The prayer ministry of all the churches will continue to intercede for the world situation and the Lord’s move in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Pacific Islands, Israel, and Germany for the closing of this age.
  4. Local churches can be built up through the growth of life in the saints unto maturity, for the building up of the organic Body of Christ, consummating in the New Jerusalem, as the eternal corporate expression of the processed and consummated Triune God.
  5. May the Lord remember the 12 GTCA cities in 2020 (refer GTCA.US). The calling of 300 saints and 30 full timers to migrate to these cities.
  6. Truly I say to you that if two of you are in harmony on earth concerning any matter for which they ask, it will be done for them from My Father who is in the heavens (Matthew 18:19) May the Lord bless and strengthen our prayers two by two in 2020. Practicing the church life in greet one another, intercede, thanksgiving, visit, preach the gospel, pursue the truth, practice begetting, nourishing, perfecting and building in Chinese district A, B, C, D and English small group meetings and neighborhood children meeting.
  7. May the Lord continue to bless the Bible distribution at farmers’ market, park, Los Cerritos Mall and the increase ratio of typical American saints in the churches in US.
  8. May the Lord remember the construction of gymnasium, that the construction can be completed by end of December 2020.
  9. Thank the Lord for 2019 year-end gospel blending meeting, nearly 450 saints from church in Cerritos, including 130 plus young people and children attended the meeting. May the Lord continue to bless us with 20% increase in 2020 and 50% of saints attend the prayer meeting to burn the incense.
  10. Pray read Psalm 84:1 – 12; Roman numerals of crystallization-study of Deuteronomy message 3.