Fall College Conference 2016

Praise the Lord! We had an awesome time at the college conference Nov 11-13. There were 10 students from Cerritos. The conference title was “The High Gospel”. The students’ enjoyment of the messages were shown in their sharing. During the conference, almost all of them stood up at least once to share and we had 2 students from Cerritos College that were baptized! Praise the Lord!
Focus Statements:
Message 1 – Man is the meaning of the universe because he is the center of God’s eternal purpose.
Message 2 – We need to repent of falling from the dominion of God and return to God by seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; as we daily open to take Christ as our life and learn to live by Him as our person, Christ will become the meaning and reality of our human life.
Message 3 – The church is the expression of Christ today, and the church life is the real communal life that expresses and represents God.
Message 4 – Our life should be a life of preaching the high gospel to save sinners and to baptize them into the Body of Christ for the building up of the church, which requires us first to be built up with others and coordinated with others to fulfill the corporate charge of the Lord.
May the students continue to practice what they’ve seen and heard.